My Fo Qi

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Chen Shi Hui

This is the second time I joined the Seven Day Retreat here. This was very well organised; one of the best I had attended. I liked the session very much. It was a good break for me from my normal day routine.

However, during my practice, I encountered a lot of wandering thoughts. I tried to keep my thoughts from wondering and to concentrate by reciting ‘Amitabha'. I discovered my mind was over active. Thus, during my meditation, I tend to be drowsy, followed by wandering thoughts. I tried the method Venerable Wei Wu taught us, to keep our eyes slightly opened, and it did help a little. If possible, I hope to try doing this more often when I go back.

I would like to thank the Dharma teachers, the devoted helpers and organisers in making this retreat a success. Without them we would not be able to practice so comfortably.