My Sharing on My Convocation

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By Ley Ying

It was on 17 August 2007 , the day I went to Penang for my convocation. My convocation was on 19 August 2007 but I decided to go there a few days earlier so that I could attend “Convo Night” organized by the Kalyana Mitra Home. I started my journey by bus around 9.30am . I hoped that I could reach Penang in the evening, so that I would be able to join Pei Pei and Mee Li's convocation. Unfortunately, the bus was delayed and as a result, I reached Penang late around 7.30pm . When I reached KM Home, Venerable Wei Wu and Venerable Zhen Chan were there already. I was so embarrassed (paiseh) for being late. However, I felt very grateful that I was able to listen to the advice given by the venerables.

After that, it was photo session with the two venerables. What made me feel upset was that I did not have my convocation gown (jubah) with me, so I could not wear my own gown for the pictures. In the end, Mee Li lent me her gown. Perhaps, that is what Yek Ming meant when she told me that this was my ‘yin yuan', so I had to accept it. Anyway, I still felt grateful because at least I was able to join the “Convo Night” and meet the venerables as well as my lovely housemates. I had a great night then. There were lots of delicious foods prepared by KM Home. I was given a convocation gift of a lovely dolphin, love beans and special incenses…wow, it's great and I was really so happy. That night was a memorable one for me. J

Friday night, 18 August 2007 , was a special night for me too. Guess what happened? It was my first and only time celebrating my convocation with a cake. It was just like celebrating a birthday. We sang the “convo song” then Mee Li and I cut the cake. Again, I felt really grateful and appreciated being a member of KM Home. J

Well, it soon came to Sunday, 19 August 2007 . It was a big day for me. I woke up very early to prepare myself. Actually I did not sleep at all the previous night. Perhaps I was too nervous. I was waiting for this moment for such a long time. After four years of hard work, finally I graduated. I'm sure that my family felt proud and happy when they saw me going up on stage to receive my scroll. Well, I am sure my friends were just as happy for me too.

After the ceremony, I came out of the hall and my cousin helped me to look for my parents. After I met up with my family, I also met the KM Home members. So sweet, they brought along my lovely dolphin and bought me a balloon ant. I felt so warm and happy when so many friends came to wish me. Thanks a lot to KM Home and all my dear friends for remembering and attending my convocation.

May all sentient beings be well and happy always.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.