Naming Ceremony

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Venerable Zhen Jue (Dharmabodhi)

On Saturday, 29 July 2006, a simple Naming Ceremony was performed at the Main Shrine Hall at Level 6 of Than Hsiang Temple. The Ceremony started at 10.00am with everyone present paying homage to the Buddha. Venerable Wei Wu then took his seat and everyone paid homage to him. Venerable Wei Wu delivered a short Dharma talk before giving out the names to the bhikkhus and bhikshunis.
The Sangha members then chanted the Three Bodhisattva Aspirations:

The aspiration to cultivate the wholesome

The aspiration to eradicate the unwholesome

The aspiration to save all sentient beings.

This was followed by taking the Three Refuges and the Four Bodhisattva Vows:

Vow to save all the innumerable sentient beings

Vow to eradicate all defilements

Vow to cultivate all Dharma practices

Vow to fulfill Buddhahood (Buddha-path)

Venerable Wei Wu then gave Final Words of Encouragement and the bhikkhus and bhikshunis then paid homage to him.
The congregation then did Sharing of Merits:

May I remove the three obstacles and all defilements

May I gain the wisdom of true understanding

May all wrongdoings and obstacles be attenuated and removed

May I always practice the Bodhisattva Path.