Wan Ching Yuen Celebrated 18th Anniversary

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Story by Miyun / Photos by H.S. Seow

Wan Ching Yuen Centre for senior citizens, is under the aegis of the Than Hsiang Buddhist Welfare Association. This Home was founded by Venerable Wei Wu on a charitable basis following the Buddhist spirit of "benevolence, compassion, joy, and equanimity".

On May 1st, Wan Ching Yuen celebrated its 18th anniversary at the Multi Purpose Hall on the fifth floor of Than Hsiang Temple from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. More than 200 people attended the function. The anniversary celebration started off with "Song of the Triple Gem " led by Than Hsiang Dharma Tune choir, followed by speeches delivered by Venerable Zhen Xin and Brother Chan Peng Kan. Coming next were the lamp lighting ceremony and the cake cutting ceremony. After that there was a series of song performances by Kalyana Mitra, Than Hsiang Youth Group which also presented a musical sketch, Than Hsiang Dharma Tune Choir, USM Buddhist Society, and representatives from Sungai Petani Wan Ching Yuen and Sungai Ara Wan Ching Yuen.

Aside from the senior citizens of Wan Ching Yuen Centre and its associated branches in PJ,Sungai Petani and Sungai Ara as guests of honor, we were pleased to have the presence of other guest senior citizens from Silver Jubilee Home、Home for the Infirm、PBA Senior Citizens Home、Happy Home and Mahindarama Sarana Old Folks' Home.The Celebration ended with a Filial Piety Ceremony and everyone present then sat down to a sumptuous lunch.

Thanks to all people including staff and volunteers involved as well as donors who have supported us continuously in long term. May the power of Dharma be with you, always.

Than Hsiang Sangha members attending the event.
Venerable Zhen Xin giving her speech.
An Indonesion maid attending to a senior resident from Than Hsiang Wan Ching Yuen.
Than Hsiang Youth members giving a singing performance.
Venerable Zhen Ru and volunteers from Sungai Petani Wan Ching Yuen
Kalyana Mitra members giving a singing performance.
Than Hsiang Youth members further boosting the atmosphere which is already enlivened by a lively song performed by members of USM Buddhist Society.
Filiai Piety Ceremony.
The Dharma Tune performing the Song of the Triple Gem.
Brother Chan Peng Kan delivering his speech.
Cake Cutting Ceremony.
Than Hsiang Youth Group performing a sketch.
Kalyana Mitra members and Than Hsiang Youth Group in a singing performance.
Members of USM Buddhist Society singing a medley of popular Chinese hits.
An 80-year-old senior resident from Sungai Ara Wan Ching Yuen singing a song. solo