27-1-2015 La Ba Festival (Buddha Enlightenment Day)

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27-1-2015 La Ba Festival (Buddha Enlightenment Day)
Free Lunch - 1.La Ba Congee 2.Nasi Lemak

The Twelve Lunar Month is known as "La Yue". During ancient times, the most significant day of this Quarter Moon is called "La Ri" or "La Ba". In early China Qin Dynasty, public worship their ancestors, devas and deities to have good harvest and fortune on that very day.
Based on the Life of Buddha, the ascetic Sakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment after he accepted the milk rice offered by a maiden.
Hence, it has become a custom, especially among the Chinese who will prepare congee that mixes rice with fruits, as food dana offering to The Buddha as well as devotees.
Than Hsiang Temple will carry on this customary act of distributing FREE La Ba congee to the public on this special occasion, La Ba Festival.