A Poem by Venerable Zhen Jue

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In the footsteps of the fool, one finds follies.

In the ways of the wise, one finds wisdom.

In the deeds of the deluded, one finds danger.

In the speech of the serene, one finds solace.

In the desires of the debased, one finds destruction.

In the presence of the pompous, one finds pretence.

In the company of the covetous, one finds calamity.

In the countenance of the calmed, one finds clarity.

In the composure of the confident, one finds courage.

In the vigour of the virtuous, one finds vigilance.

In the Path of the Purified, one finds Peace.

In the Power of the Perfected One, one finds penetration.

In the exposition of the Enlightened One, one finds Emancipation!