Sharing of Seven Day Amitabha Recitation Retreat

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By Teh Yu Yun (Translated from Chinese Ezine Issue 89, Date: 16-1-2007)

My compliments to the successful completion of the retreat.

I could concentrate on reciting the Amitabha Buddha's name continuously because I had previously participated in many retreats. During the chanting session, I seriously contemplated and recited the Amitabha Buddha's name. My masters lead the participants in an impressive and dignified manner. I have always learnt and applied at home what I have been taught here, which benefited both others and me.

The two nights of cultivation was so unique and touching that I could not hold back my tears. I hope that all future retreats will be in this manner too. During the seven-day retreat, many thoughts distracted my concentration. Luckily, I was mindful enough to focus on my meditation. The masters guided us in transferring merits to the devas and departed relatives.

Wishing all the masters to be safe and healthy. Amituofo!