Sharing of Seven Day Amitabha Recitation Retreat

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By Koh Jing Jie (Translated from Chinese Ezine Issue 89, Date: 16-1-2007)

This was my first experience in participating in the Seven Day Amitabha Recitation Retreat. I had gained a lot from this participation. The retreat had helped me to comprehend the truth, contentment, and gratefulness to a great extent. It is a joy when you are free from worries and have faith in the Buddha.

I have understood the mantra of Amitabha after joining the retreat. Besides, I begin to understand the impermanent and stressful nature of existence. During the seven-day retreat, it was like living in the Pure Land, whereby I can cultivate the mind further. It was a good opportunity that I would not miss.

It was great that I was able to learn to meditate, walk around the hall, and pray to the Buddha in a serene environment. I am very grateful for my master's kind guidance and his explanation of the Amitabha mantra. It is a competitive and stressful world. Why not leave your worries behind and cultivate the mind by taking part in the seven-day retreat?

I have realized that we should not disturb others when living with them. I am very grateful to those volunteers who prepared the food because they woke up at 4.30am for us. Thank you very much!