Venerable Hou Guan's Visit to Than Hsiang Temple

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Venerable Hou Guan, the Principal of Fu Yan Buddhist Institute of Taiwan and Venerable Kai Ren, the Superintendent of Fu Yan Buddhist Institute, visited Than Hsiang Temple on the morning of 25 April 2006. They were accompanied by Venerable Ji Cheng, the Principal of the Malaysian Buddhist Institute, Venerable Ji Xing, the Superintendent of Malaysian Buddhist Institute, Venerable Kai She, Venerable Kai Gen and Venerable Kai Lü of Ang Hock See Buddhist Temple.

Venerable Wei Wu, the abbot of Than Hsiang Temple, was on hand to receive them at Than Hsiang Temple. Venerable Wei Wu took the Venerables up to the Main Shrine Hall, where everyone paid homage to the Sakyamuni Buddha. The Venerables admired the Hall's wall murals and glass sculptures of the wooden doors' glass panes.

Venerable Wei Wu then took the honored guests on a tour of Than Hsiang Temple. They visited the Library of the Than Hsiang Buddhist Research Centre, met the senior residents of Wan Ching Yuen Centre, saw the children of Than Hsiang Kindergarten and Day Care Centre, and visited the spacious Canteen. The Tour ended at the Reception Room, where Venerable Wei Wu briefed them on the International Buddhist College in southern Thailand.

Before the Venerables departed, Venerable Wei Wu presented a gift to Venerable Hou Guan.