Wan Ching Yuen Centre's 12 th Anniversary Celebration

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Early on the morning of 1st May 2006, as the many guests streamed into the Multi Purpose Hall of Than Hsiang Temple, the organisers, volunteers and participants of Wan Ching Yuen Centre's 12 th Anniversary Celebration waited with trepidation at the backstage for the event to start. The seated guests meanwhile were shown a video clip of Wan Ching Yuen Centre.

At 9.30am, the Anniversary Celebration started with everyone standing up and singing the Buddha Gem Song (Fo Bao Ge). Venerable Wei Wu, the Abbot of Than Hsiang Temple, then took to the stage to give a speech. In his speech, Venerable Wei Wu advised that we should all respect and love our parents, especially when they are alive. He said his Shifu, the Venerable Master Bo-Yuen (Paik Wan), always stress on this point. He continued by saying that it was of little significance to show respect to our parents when they are gone. It is far better to respect and love them when they are still alive.

Venerable Wei Wu informed the audience that there were 56 senior residents in the Wan Ching Yuen Centre, 21 in Than Hsiang Wan Ching Yuen (PJ) and seven in Than Hsiang Retirement Home (Kajang). He said that there was a slight obstruction to the approval of the building plans for the Bukit Berapit Retirement Home. Venerable Wei Wu thanked all the staff, including the Indonesian maids, and volunteers, especially Sis. Heng Boi Sim and her Committee for making this Anniversary Celebration a success. He gave special thanks to the Little Sisters of the Poor for their close rapport and support.

Sis. Heng followed with her Chairman's speech by thanking everyone for spending their precious morning there to join in the Anniversary Celebrations. She briefed the audience on the activities of Wan Ching Yuen Centre and called on volunteers to join in helping to care for the senior residents. She thanked the staff for their dedication in their work and the donors for their generous support.

The donors then went on stage to participate in the hamper presentation ceremony. Hampers were presented to the senior residents of Wan Ching Yuen and invited senior citizens of the Penang Home, the Home of the Infirm, Little Sisters of the Poor, Rumah Charis, Penang Buddhist Association, Happy Home Butterworth, Sarana Old Folks Home, Penang Cheshire Home, Than Hsiang Wan Ching Yuen (PJ), and Than Hsiang Retirement Home (Kajang).

The Celebration programme started off with a song and dance performed by the children of Than Hsiang Kindergarten to the music of “Old McDonald Had a Farm”. A couple of senior residents of Wan Ching Yuen Centre then rendered two songs. Lim Chooi Pai sang with the accompaniment of Yeoh Oon Chye on the harmonica. KL and Pajam Centres presented two songs with hand gestures. A group of five from Than Hsiang Youth followed with another two songs. The final act was a skit participated by children of Than Hsiang Kindergarten, senior residents of Wan Ching Yuen Centre and volunteers with Uncle Fong Kong Chye and volunteer Staff Nurse Dang in a duet.

After the programmed performance, lunch of fried noodles, fried rice, vegetarian curry dish, other vegetarian dishes, nonya kueh, ice cream, and fruits was served to the invited guests. Every one was of the opinion that the Anniversary Celebration was a resounding success. The guests enjoyed the performances, had a sumptuous lunch and went back happy. The organisers, volunteers and performers were filled with a sense of accomplishment. Amituofo.