English Ezine Issue 113 (1 June 2012)

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Bathing Buddha Statue Ceremony at Sungai Petani Jing Yuan    
Venerable Hui Ming Arriving at Than Hsiang Temple    
Press Release for Venerable Hui Ming’s Dharma Propagation in Penang    
Serving sentient beings    
Venerable Hui Ming’s 5-Day Dharma Talks
Amitabha Prayer for Deceased
Sunday, 3-6-2012, 10:45-11:30
Youth Camp
7/6 (Thurs,13:00)~10/6(Sun,22:00)
**The activity is conducted mainly in Chinese .
Eight Precepts Cultivation
Sunday, 8-7-2012, 7:30-21:00
Amitabha Prayer for Deceased
Sunday, 8-7-2012, 10:45-11:30
Wheel of Sharp Weapon, Verse 30 :
When our mind wanders greatly and runs towards delusion,
This is the wheel of sharp weapons returning
Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.
Till now we have neglected to meditate fully
On defects pervading this transient world;
Hereafter let's work to renounce this existence
(And see the impermanent nature of things).


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