English Ezine Issue 116 (16 July 2012)

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Heart Sutra Recitation and Writing Contest at Than Hsiang Chan Yuan
2012 Children’s Camp and Appreciation Party at Than Hsiang Chan Yuan
Wheel of Sharp Weapon, Verse 28 :
When our mind becomes clouded whenever we study,
This is the wheal of sharp weapons returning
Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.
Till now we have thought that the study of Dharma
Lacked prime importance and could be ignored;
Hereafter let's build up the habits of wisdom
To hear and to think about what Buddha taught.

Issue 102
2012 Than Hsiang Activity Schedule
Job Vacancies
Volunteer Work


Saturday, Than Hsiang Temple,4-8-2012, 9:00-17:00
International Buddhist College 5th Convocation
Sunday, IBC,5-8-2012
Kuan Yin Celebration Noon Offering
Monday, Than Hsiang Temple,6-8-2012,10:45-11:15
Kuan Yin Celebration Chanting Session
Monday,Than Hsiang Temple, 6-8-2012,20:00-21:30
Eight Precepts Cultivation
Sunday, Than Hsiang Temple,12-8-2012,7:30-21:00


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