English Ezine Issue 119 (1 September 2012)

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Birthday Celebration at Than Hsiang Kindergarten
Filial Piety Dharma Assembly
Ksitigarbha Celebration Noon Offering
Sat, Great Compassion Hall,15-9-2012,10:45-11:15
Eight Precepts Cultivation
Sun,Multi Purpose Hall, 16-9-2012,7:30-21:00
Mid Autumn Festival Celebration
Sun, Great Compassion Hall,30-9-2012,7:45-21:30
Eight Precepts Cultivation
Sun,Multi Purpose Hall, 7-10-2012,7:30-21:00
Amitabha Prayer for Deceased
Sun,Da Yuan Dian, 7-10-2012,10:45-11:30
Samsara is extremely unsatisfactory,
From seeing the Truth one crosses over,
The Eight-fold path which transcends existence,
Eradicates all unsatisfactoriness.
2012 Than Hsiang Activity Schedule
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