English Ezine Issue 118 (16 August 2012)

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Friday Buddhist School of Than Hsiang Jing Yuan(Sungai Petani) Organized a Half Day Tour to Alor Setar
2012 IBC 5th Convocation Seminar
IBC 5th Convocation
“Frontiers of the Pāli Commentarial Studies” - Convocation Address by ProfessorToshiichi Endo at the 5th Convocation of IBC on 5 August 2012
Renunciation of Sister Yue He (Sramaneri Hui Xiu)
Venue:Multi Purpose Hall(17/8及26/8);Great Compassion Hall(18/8~25/8),
Ullambana Noon Offering
Fri,the Main Shrine(6th Floor),31-8-2012,10:45-11:30
Ksitigarbha Celebration Noon Offering
Sat, Great Compassion Hall,15-9-2012,10:45-11:15
Eight Precepts Cultivation
Sun,Multi Purpose Hall, 16-9-2012,7:30-21:00
Mid Autumn Festival Celebration
Sun, Great Compassion Hall,30-9-2012,7:45-21:30
Wheel of Sharp Weapon, Verse 10 :
When our bodies are aching and racked with great torment
Of dreadful diseases we cannot endure,
This is the wheel of sharp weapons returning
Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.
Till now we have injured the bodies of others;
Hereafter let's take on what sickness is theirs.
2012 Than Hsiang Activity Schedule
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