Wan Ching Yuen Centre Frequently Asked Questions

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Question 1 : How do I get my loved one admitted into Wan Ching Yuen Centre?
Answer : You are encouraged to visit Wan Ching Yuen Centre at Level 3, Than Hsiang Temple. If you find the place to your liking, please fill in the registration form to start the process for the admission of your loved one.

Question 2 : What are the conditions for admission to Wan Ching Yuen Centre?
Answer :


60 years and above for admission to Wan Ching Yuen Centre
55 years and above for staying in retirement apartment

Health status

Physically independent and able to cope with daily living activities.

Social status

None required. Admission is regardless of race, colour or creed


Full care – Only for Welfare cases of the genuinely destitute and not cared for by anyone – FREE
Day care – RM350.00 per month

Question 3 : Is it possible to apply first and be placed in the reserved list?
Answer : Yes, you are welcomed to submit your application for our reference and placement in the reserved list. This, however, does not accord the availability of a place to you, although you will be given preference over those who applied later than you.

Question 4 : What are the facilities and services available?
Answer :


4 vegetarian meals a day:
8.00am – Breakfast
11.30am – Lunch
2.30pm – Tea
5.30pm – Dinner


3-bedded room with attached bathroom


1 bed and 1 cupboard cum locker per person


Fortnightly washing of bed sheets (if not dirtied) and pillow cases.
Daily washing of personal clothes.

Health care

Free if consultation is with attending doctors of Metta Mobile Clinic.