Metta Mobile Free Clinic

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The Metta Mobile Free Clinic was established in 1988 with the mission to make traditional Chinese medical services available to all patients of various ethnic groups from middle and low-income families regardless of their religious beliefs. The Metta Mobile Free Clinic has become an icon in fourteen areas of Penang and had served many thousands during its more than a decade history.

Since its inception, the total number of consultations has reached 23,000 and rising. This has incurred medical and transportation expenses up to RM200,000 per year. The medical services, medications, material, and supplies are provided free of charge, income being generated solely via individual and organisational donations. Your generous donation is thus greatly needed to help in funding the Clinic's meritorious services.

A small group of dedicated staff co-ordinates the Clinic's services with the help of volunteers, who donate their precious time to provide medical and administrative services necessary to keep the Clinic in operation. We are grateful to the volunteers for their kind help. The need for Metta Mobile Free Clinic's services will clearly rise. Therefore, we invite you to join us as a volunteer at Metta Mobile Free Clinic and be part of a happy “family”. Please call 04-646 7951 for further details or enquiries.

You are cordially invited to support our meritorious cause by registering as:

• Patron by donating RM500.00 or more at any one time.
• Long-term sponsor by an annual donation of RM60.00 per share (the number of shares are not limited).
• Sponsor by sponsoring a patient at RM5.00 per patient (the number of patients sponsored are not limited)
• Donor by donating any amount at any time.