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To create an excellent learning environment for children to grow in.


• To provide an educational and recreational programme for the children.
• To involve parents, ‘Ai Xin Ma Ma' and teachers in the children's activities, to help in bringing out the hidden talents and potential of the children.

Core Values

• To create an atmosphere of affection and security.
• To ensure safety at all times.
• To provide consistent internal and external training for teachers to maintain high teaching qualities.
• To conduct periodic ‘Parenting' seminars and ‘Child Psychology' sessions for parents, ‘Ai Xin Ma Ma' and teachers to enable them to instill habitual ability to develope positive learning attitude in the children.
• To prepare children for the primary school.
• To guide the children in understanding society's multi ethnicity and cultures and to cultivate a sense of filial piety.
• To facilitate the children's development socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.