English Ezine Issue 110 (16 Apr 2012)

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Ceremony for Imparting the Ten Good Deeds    
1.A Brief Introduction to IBC
The Importance of Promoting Buddhist Education (audio)
Application of the Buddha's Teachings - Convocation address by Ven. Professor K.L. Dhammajoti at the 4th Convocation of IBC on 31 August 2011
The Dhammapada, Verse 289:

Realizing this fact,
let the wise man,
restrained by morality,
hasten to clear the path
leading to Nibbana.

Saturday, 28-4-2012
Closing Date:21-4-2012
Buddha's Birthday Noon Offering
Saturday, 28-4-2012,10:45-11:30
Cleansing Ceremony for Lamp-lighting,Regular Dharma Function
Saturday, 28-4-2012, 20:00-21:30
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