English Ezine Issue 109 (1 Apr 2012)

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Cleansing Ceremony for Sanshengdian
(Three Sages Hall)
Than Hsiang Foundation - Annual Report 2011    
1.India Pilgrimage Trip Nov 26-Dec 12, 2011
2.Buddhist Pilgrimage in India (26Nov-12Dec 2011)
The Wheel of Sharp Weapons, Verse 33:

When none of the wishes we make reach fulfillment. Although we've made prayers to the Three Precious Gems.This is the wheel of sharp weapons returning Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.Till now we have had an imperfect commitment to Buddha whose teachings deserve complete trust;Hereafter let's place our exclusive reliance On Buddha, his teachings and those in his fold.

Ching Ming Dharma Assembly
Wesak Sanghikadana & Lamp Lighting at Buddhist Holy Sites (India)
Saturday, 28-4-2012
Closing Date:21-4-2012
Buddha's Birthday Noon Offering
Saturday, 28-4-2012 ,10:45-11:15
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