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檀香寺秉持“少有所学、壮有所用、老有所依、终有所归”信念,于1999年成立大愿殿,于 2004年成立三圣殿,提供一个清净庄严的空间,让佛友于殿内为自身或亲人安奉牌位的功德堂,以及灵骨的骨灰塔。
国际佛教大学目前开办:佛教中文、英文学士课程,佛教中文、英文学士课程,佛教中文、英文学士课程,远程硕士佛学课程 (E-Learning)。

The Establishment
Than Hsiang’s conviction is to create an environment conducive for the young to learn, the strong and healthy to serve, the aged and sick to be cared of, and the departed to find spiritual destination.
In order to implement the forth item of this conviction ,Da Yuan Dian and San Sheng Dian were set up in 1999 and 2004 respectively. They offer a tranquil and dignified atmosphere for Buddhists to book ancestral tablets and ash niches for themselves or their relatives in the ancestral hall (Da Yuan Dian) and the columbarium (San Sheng Dian) correspondingly.
Sponsors are to claim their niches and tablets through donations to Than Hsiang’s Welfare and Education funds. Collections are mainly utilized to facilitate the management of International Buddhist College (IBC) for promoting Buddhist education development.
The college, IBC offers: Chinese and English BA Courses for Buddhist Studies, Chinese and English MA Courses for Buddhist Studies, Chinese and English PhD Courses for Buddhist Studies, E-Learing for MA Buddhist Studies

1. 赞助者以乐捐檀香寺福利、教育基金方式来认领三圣殿骨灰龛或大愿殿牌位。申请者必须填妥【三圣殿龛位申请表格】或【大愿殿牌位申请表格】。
2. 赞助者在缴交全数乐捐款额后方可使用有关龛位或牌位。
3. 赞助者或其委托人必须在受惠者往生后即刻通知本寺,以便安排骨灰入龛,家属不得擅自将骨灰置入骨灰龛。
4. 为符合本寺三圣殿之建筑规格,龛位只允许置放本寺所供应之骨灰瓮。
5. 为求保持三圣殿内之庄严、清净、卫生与整洁,本寺要求往生者家眷及凭吊者,在任何时刻皆不得在三圣殿内燃香焚纸,或摆放鲜花祭品,以免惹来虫蚁及小动物等,多造恶业。
6. 往生者之家眷及凭吊者可在大愿殿供养素斋,水果或鲜花与燃放檀香,以示追思与凭吊。本寺为正信佛教道场,故不可供养荤食及焚烧金银纸等,任何不按佛法进行之仪式将不获批准。
7. 为对往生者之尊敬,骨灰瓮于入龛后,将不准再被打开和移动。如有特别要求,则必须具备本寺认为充足合理之理由。
8. 任何时候,赞助者或其委托人,不准私自打开或修改原有骨灰龛之门。
9. 除骨灰瓮外,凡欲置入骨灰龛之其他物件,须由本寺批准。本寺将拒绝任何会影响本寺安宁与清净之物件。本寺三圣殿只允许置放passport size 照片。
10.檀香寺每天早上十点的“骨灰入龛”或“牌位进主”诵经仪式。家属可向本寺购买祭菜及LED 电子灯,香由本寺提供。

Management Rules
1.The sponsor makes a donation to Than Hsiang Temple in exchange for the use of a niche or an ancestral tablet. Please fill and sign the “Application form”.
2.The niche or tablet is available for occupancy after the full amount of donation has been settled. 3.The sponsor or the representative need to inform the temple immediately after the death of the beneficiary to arrange for the use of the niche. Family members are not allowed to install the ashes into the niche without any notice.
4.To comply with the building structural design, only the urn that is supplied by the temple may be used.
5.Please help us to keep the hall serene and clean. There will be no burning of incense, joss papers or offerings of candles, flowers and food inside the hall at all times.
6.For prayers, we encourage relatives to do so at the ground floor of the temple. Please note that the temple does not allow offering of non vegetarian food or burning of joss papers and the likes at the Da Yuan Dian.
7.As a mark of respect to the deceased, the urn shall not be moved after installation. The door of the occupied niche shall be locked at all times. The temple has the right to refuse the request for the removal or moving of the installed urn.
8.The sponsor or representative shall not open the niche or alter the design of the niche door at all times.
9.Permission has to be sought for from the temple for the replacement of anything other than the urn inside the niche. The Temple has the right to refuse any item that may affect the safety and serenity of the hall. Only passport size photo is allowed for San Sheng Dian.
10.Chanting ritual for the placement of ash urn and tablet will be held at 10am daily. Family members can buy the prayer dishes & LED candle at our temple . The above rules are subjected to revision as and when appropriate.